Driving School Orpington Alpha 1 - Meet our Senior driving instructor and Director

Alpha 1 Drive School Director

Alpha 1 Orpington Driving School Director Profile:

Alpha 1 Orpington Driving School is headed by: Michael Howard, a retired Police Officer trained in advanced driving at Hendon Police Driving School, the best driving school in the World. He has 16 years’ experience in teaching people to drive, but has over 30 years experience in training, coaching and counseling

He has also undertaken training in: Coaching; motivation; counseling; stress management; dealing with people having 'special needs' and advanced motorcycling

He is an Institute of Advanced Motoring registered Driving Instructor, and an IAM Advanced Member for both Car and Motorcycle

He has lobbied parliament on such issues as CRB checking for driving instructors, and writes editorial articles relating to driving matters for local newspapers

      "I believe the excellence (or otherwise) of any organisation comes from the top"