Your first driving lessons with Alpha 1 Orpington Driving School

Alpha1 Drive School Progress Card

The initial driving lesson is all, or mostly, in a car park. There you will learn how to set up the car so that you can reach the controls, and how you use the controls for eyes, hands and feet. You will then drive in the car park, starting and stopping and steering in safety Only when you are ready will you venture out to a quiet road

When you start driving lessons with Orpington Driving School, your driving instructor will discuss with you the plan to get you to driving test as quickly as possible and you will be given a Progress Card which is a pivotal document

This card contains information about the all the items on the learning to drive syllabus, what you have learned, how well you have done, and what you will do next. This means you will always know exactly where you are in relation to the overall course which will be properly planned

In addition to normal syllabus items, other categories such as Fuelling, Satnav, accidents and Cruise Control are also included to make the driving real

Completion of your progress card each driving lesson, will ensure that you know exactly where you have reached in your driver training at all times. The marking is similar to that used on your driving test, which means you will be accustomed to being judged and which will go some way to negating your Driving Test nerves

During your driving lessons with Alpha 1 Orpington Driving School you will be given very clear and concise instructions using the MSPSL format. (This system of car control is included on your progress card and is abbreviated version of the Metropolitan Police Advanced Driving School Advanced system)

An example of this for a roundabout going straight ahead might be:

    M - Mirrors - check middle and left (BOB) mirrors;

    S - Signals NONE;

    P - Position, Left (normal driving position);

    S - Speed 10mph (Or less if giving way) and gear (2 in manual and clutch up);

    L - Looks - RALAR and continue when clear