Driving School Orpington Alpha 1 - Mock driving tests

Alpha1 Drive School Mock Practical Driving Test

Taking Orpington Alpha 1 Driving
School's extremely realistic mock
driving tests mean no client will
ever be surprised as to what will
happen during a driving test

Being properly prepared, means
you will be ready to pass your
driving test

One of the reasons for Alpha 1 Orpington Driving School's exceptionally high test pass rates, is our very realistic mock driving Tests:

All our Clients should undergo at least one Mock driving test:

Driving lessons Steering wheel bullet undertaken by our senior instructor

Driving lessons Steering wheel bullet charged at the normal hourly driving lesson rate

Driving lessons Steering wheel bullet exactly as a real driving test will be - using the same test routes, wording and Sat Nav system as used by examiners

Driving lessons Steering wheel bullet as many such mock test as are necessary, to calm your nerves, are offered

Do not go into your driving test blind - our mock tests will show you exactly what it is like on test. You will be shocked how easy the test can be

Alpha 1 Orpington Driving School Pass Rate: 97.2%

National Pass Rate: 45.8%